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fs General Optics

Broad variety of femtosecond laser components: Low GDD dual, broadband and partial reflecting mirrors, Gires-Tournois Interferometer mirrors, wavelength separators, rear mirors, dispersing prisms for Ti:Sapphire, Yb:KGW/KYW, Nd:Glass and Er:Glass laser and their harmonics application.

fs Polarization Optics

Broad variety of polarizing optics: Brewster thin film polarizers, broadband (ultrafast) thin film polarizers, air-spaced zero order waveplates, air-spaced zero order dual waveplates, air-spaced multiple order dual waveplates for Ti:Sapphire, Yb:KGW/KYW, Nd:Glass and Er:Glass laser and their harmonics application.

fs Laser & Nonlinear Crystals

Laser crystals are made from monocrystalline material. It uses gain media for Solid-State Lasers. Usually they are doped with transition metal or rare earth ions. We offer: Ti:Sapphire, Nd:YVO4, Nd:YAG, Nd:KGW,Yb:KGW, Yb:KYW , Yb:YAG, Tm:YLF, Yb:LiYF4, Yb:CaF2, LiSAF, LiSGaF and LiCAF Crystals...

fs Accessories

Laser accessories could be helpful for your laser systems in many different ways. This category includes a great variety of items: variable attenuators, beam shaping systems, beam expanders, laser beam visualizers, IR viewers, spectacles and goggles for protection, first contact optics cleaner...

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About Us

About Us

“Femto Solutions” is an e-shop dedicated only to ultrashort pulse related products. Best solutions for the most demanding femtosecond systems from single source: fs general and polarization optics, fs laser and nonlinear crystals, fs accessories. All products are of the highest quality.

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